.. can laugh


 You see Mona reads this framed blither of the I person whinging and you gotta wonder she 

saying to herself swaying in the breeze any other I holding dandelions against their  

blossom 'break' and pause,

and are you, rarely have you seen any one hold this thing so  high as a candle aloft,

she's held her night held her night,

    blue dog, when the clanker wore the trainers,
                 and the traipsing heard the wind,

  you can laugh about perdition O you fakers and Quakers! You quantum bakers! the flames lick
    they like you most of all.



Jill and Mona don't believe any of this any of this what's there to believe in this mountebank whining and someone hasnt had enough sleep and the cumulus cloud gathered her hair.Franny moves aphorism south,

 takes speciman days North to the country of 'b'sire! sire, aye  you is it? Sir?

 Hammered to the medium a spook controlling the onboard voice and the receipts speak their name.

___________  every experiment in poetry is just that  work in wandering progress the feeling withing

   wording running these fictional characters __quantums really, mutant subjectivities  ... tanking... or is three dimensional rarities, actually resembling film characters? O you wonder    marking their place,

making face and face, you had a face to your preface handing over the shoulder of the sky,

   renewing  a word stood on its shoulder adopting  a feeling a glance a place
  adopting the real which is far, yet closer than my  own

                             intimate shadow,

shod by the dark ,
   shod by dark or heard by light in the pairing before dawn
                   prior to birth