I missed Wednesday


I missed Wednesday but the hump back whales kept trundling over the water like a cat used to

  and the rumble of big whales whoofing at the roar bottom of a huge mouth opening ocean

       was over there . yet ours never happened .

                   the enemies got in the way, holding back and out the won of love, the wrangle of climb and this

  woof of mountains

  Wednesday dyad was making and meeting, accepting and humbling and
                        then an artist could say her books met you, met your love

                 although you always refused me, rejected me really  the pretence being
           you had more virtue to offer more to hold on more money in that bank
                  that eternal bank of virtue women, esp. white women conceal

                              only to show after all to demonstrate to reveal
                                                        that                                  is                all  the same.

But that was Wednesday in  a  possible world, and the summer sun went down and

             she has thundered his body.

____________________ And lit his kittens or stared his crop. and this wonderous mason of thatched house and  a hut inviting you into her body.